Storage Solution


The sheds are suitable to be used as light industrial workshops and storage with ample space for cars, trailers and sea-containers


The sheds are suitable for archive storage, office files and surplus office furniture and equipment.


When we buy an expensive recreational vehicle, we like to have it close by so we can admire it and then take it out whenever we feel like it. The downside is that we often have to park it on the lawn, on the road or up the drive.
A storage unit with a lockable door and gate is the ideal way to store your recreational vehicle. You can drop down to the storage centre any time to pick it up, take it for a spin, then drop it into your secure storage unit at the end of the day. Your storage unit is also the ideal place to store your spares, allowing you the freedom to work on your vehicle inside or outside your storage unit. At Cunningham Sheds Self Storage, we have storage with drive-in storage units.


Storing a car in a storage unit is a sound idea, particularly if the car is valuable, or the storage is going to be long-term. Many of our storage units are suited to the storage of your car.


If your boat is on a trailer, why not consider storage? Storage is very flexible since you can come and go as you please.


Storage is extremely popular with caravaners as they can store their caravan during the times that they are not on the road and retain their storage space when they are on the road.